Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Waterweed Exhibition 2013 at Tsukuba Botanical Garden

I have tropical fishes in my house. Since I like Bonsai and Japanese style garden, I'm interested in waterweed so much.
I went to see Waterweed Exhibition 2013 held at Tsukuba Botanical Garden.

I have a same size tank but I cannot imagine to make such a cool view.

When I look at it closely,  it seems rocky hill.

Nobody knows what's happened in the back.Untitled 

I tried to take photos with iPhone4S. IMG_2014 

Drastically photosynthesizing. Shrimps enjoy and play with oxygen.

Long way to somewhere in the forest. Untitled 

I really want to try to make "Terrarium" with Ishizuki bonsai...

Looks like a cave.

Field of perl grass and road covered glossostigma.

When I see someone's aquarium, I want to try something new with mime.

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