Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nanzen-in, japanese style garden near Nanzen-ji temple in Kyoto

Nanzen-ji temple is very famous for its big gate "San-mon" and the great view from there. The temple has beautiful japanese style garden "Nanzen-in".

This is my favorite alley located between Keage station and Nanzen-ji temple.  I think every japanese might feel nostalgic by seeing such an alley.

This is one of Japanese garden style that strolls garden with a central pond. Photo 

Looks so cold? That's right. It was extremely cold.

Behind the pond, there's small waterfall.

Building on the left is "Hojo", a square room, 1 jo (about 3.03 meter) on a side. On the other hand, there's a shrine with emperor Kameyama

Before the gate, there's water channel.

It's dangerous because there's no fence and easily fall.

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