Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute Open House

"Science and Technology Week" was held from April 15th to April 21st.
A lot of national institutes in Tsukuba city, known as "science city in Japan", was opened to the public during that period.

I visited several institutes. First, I want to introduce "Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute".

Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute Web site

Just a short walk away from the entrance, there is big fruit farm. "First fruit farm" is always opened to the public.


Research results were published.

Study of non-cedar pollen. I hope this technology will be put to practical use soon because I have an allergy to pollens...


The institute succeeded in coexistence of matsutake mushroom, a fancy mushroom most commonly associated with Japanese Red Pine, and Cedrela odorata, tree from South America.
Since Cedrela is very easy to grow, matsutake can be much more accessible for the general public.


I got novelty goods. Eco-friendly shopping bags and cell-phone strap made with Japanese cypress.


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